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Originally Posted by Smasher08 View Post
Awesome. I've read some posts from folks who swear by silicone spray, so I definitely want to read your review!
Im one of those who swear by it. Read some reviews on here about it so said why not? Got me a can and It seriously works. TWU even did a test that showed marginal spin increases. But on the court it's definitely noticeable (for me poly and gut wise). You can tell just by pushing the strings around and watching them snap back. Also considering the silicone is non-abrasive and water repealing should protect the gut longer. If I got lazy and let a poly job run longer then normal. One application and straightening followed by letting it sit for an hour or so quickly revived it. But look for that review in the next 12 hours.

Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
What Klip are you using? The normal Klip Legend right? I'm interested in your review as well, and mainly, I want to hear the differences between Klip Legend and Pacific Classic.
Also I'm using regular Klip Legend. I was thinking about getting the armour/tour but a lot of people said it doesn't play like gut at all and the coating wears off quickly.
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