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agree with most...not sure what the requirements are, not sure when the "federer rules" kick in for him...i would only add, skip barcelona..yes obviously it would be a home tournament but he has madrid and those home dc ties if he wants them but he's certainly given enough to should understand..has to avoid two weeks in a row other than majors....wimby is getting moved back, correct?, so that would make the grass tune-up better, but right now i would roll the dice (and i know grass is tricky, though not like it used to be) and not play a tune-up...yes yes, rosol, but rafa simply has to trust he can work his way into a tourney with less matches..and i'm not sure if you're suggesting he skip everything after us open but dc? reason if earlier season is managed he should skip wtf, he certainly wants to win one...and shanghai has a break before and after...that's certainly a possibility but nothing else in asia
I think the rules permit him only to miss one Masters.
Take the fine and 0 pointer. Or, get a doctor to qualify him as unfit to play on hardcourts.
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