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Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
I don't know if you've seen it, but I'm in the process of reviewing many of the mid-level gut choices, crossed w/ MSV Co. Focus:
I've written up on both Armour Pro & Legend Tour, and will be adding Pacific Classic, regular Legend, and Becker Hero in the coming weeks. My playtest has been temporarily suspended because I have USTA Tri-Level sectionals this weekend & don't want to tinker too much before my matches.
I actually have read your playtest. Very helpfull actually im interested in how bbhero performs. I havent every played with any mid range guts myself besides this klip 18g. I've only played with vs. The Klip 18g seems like a better buy in my experience just as plush as the vs and more spin imo.

Originally Posted by newyorkstadium View Post
Canny, doesn't silicone spray ruin tennis balls by making them wet. I've also read it makes them pick up dirt.

Actually no, I havent ever had that problem. I use dry lubricant liquid wrench silicone spray (kmart) . Which dries pretty quick and leaves very little residue. The tennis balls only get alittle fuzzier than normal thats about it. I've also played on clay after applying it 20mins before. Didn't pick up anything. I guess it depends on what type of applicator you buy. Because I've heard of reports of it being messy and making the balls dirty but not in my experience over the past couple months which includes playing with numerous types of balls on different courts.
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