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Originally Posted by arche3 View Post
Gut 4G hybrid is like full poly without the pain. Really.
An excellent and very accurate observation.

One bit to add: over time the string bed ages nicely. I have all three frames strung the same way with VS/4G at different points in their aging process which looks like this:

1. Initially has power (at least by full poly standards), less comfort, less spin

2. Breaks into lower but still decent power, a little more spin, and good comfort.

3. In its prime VS/4G feels low powered, pillow cushion soft, and offers outstanding spin (not as much as other ppoly crosses but still more than full poly and certainly more than full gut imo).

4. In its twilight power is non-existent, spin remains good, and finally comfort trails off over time but never becomes truly harsh.

In ALL phases precise control is amazing. You can confidently hit the corners on serve and paint the lines with relative ease.

All of this also depends on tension on string pattern. I never liked VS/4G no matter what stage of like in a dense 95", 18x20, AG 4D 200.

Mass also matters. VS/4G felt less comfortable in my completely stock PSGTs which come in around 11 ounces. When I added a heavy Shock Shield grip and extra weight in the head and butt I was fine. Something about that extra plow must dampen the 4G's shock.

In open patterns such as the 200 Tour and PSGT if strung too high 4G seems to lock in the string bed and inhibit spin. By the same token taking the gut too low can produce too much power in an open pattern, even with 4G crosses, and especially with a higher SW.

For me, in a 95-98" head with 16 mains and a SW in the low 330s or higher, keeping the gut as high as possible to limit its power while keeping the 4G as low as possible to improve its comfort, extend its life, and reduce main-cross friction means stringing the 4G in the low 50s (which seems to be the upper recommended limit for co-poly longevity) and the VS mains 4-5 pounds higher. This means a range of 54/50 to 57/52 for me. This fall and winter I settled on 55/51 which I'll probably bump up a little in the hot ATL summer.

I also don't have the gut pre-stretched. Recently a stringer accidentally pre-stretched my gut mains. The mains began showing signs of stress IMMEDIATELY and fraying way too fast, felt uncomfortable, dented the 4G crosses prematurely, and produced less spin. An interesting, if accidental, experiment that reminded me of why I don't pre-stretch gut with poly crosses.
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