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Originally Posted by TTech321 View Post
I have found all the following plays a MAJOR roll in how my hits sound, sometimes it sounds like I'm blowing all the air out of the ball with every hit, other times it sounds like I'm playing paddle ball.

Things I've found that kills my ball striking: cold weather, heavy balls (due to moisture in the air or on the ground), heavy top spin from my opponent, and at nights I tend to lose some pop (but more a factor of cold weather)

But yeah, their are days I walk on the court and feel like I'm Roger Federer with the amazing shots I come up with
Glad someone can relate. I feel like I'm phased by it so much because when my racket isn't playing responsive it's hard to "feel" the ball and in turn control it.

Originally Posted by Tebow View Post
That used to happen to me A LOT. In my case, I finally realized that in the days I was hitting poorly I was squeezing the handle to hard, which impaired me from hitting a relaxed shot. Next time you try to hit the ball hard and you see a wimpy shot, be sure that your arm is tense. After I corrected this, it never happened again.
Lol, you mean arm to be relaxed and not tense? What you're saying otherwise makes sense.
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