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Originally Posted by chatt_town View Post
Damn dude/ AA-1. We might have to bump your team clean to the WTA/ATA mixed Have you seen this girl named Shadisha...I think Robinson may be her last name. She played on the wta tour for a while. I think she played for UGA. I know she played with some AA-1 team that won the city finals. I think it was mixed. Her and my wife played together on a AA-3 team out of Water's edge. I asked because I know the higher up you go there are less teams. You have probably at some point also ran into Milton Myers(Amp). I've gotten to play with him and win a couple of tourneys but we were playing aged(40's) doubles. Sounds like some great Tennis. I love watching that level. I'll have to keep up with your team throughout the season. I bet those women on your team are kick @$$ to. lol
I think we're tied for first as of now, played 2 weak teams so far.
heads up match to break the tie for first this weekend.
4 kblades 16x19, alu rough/syn high 40s
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