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Originally Posted by Itagaki View Post
800lb deadlift?

Jesus, that'd give you the drug tested world record in your weight a long shot.

My numbers at around 170lbs.

Bench: 230
Squat: 408
Deadlift: 401

I neither deadlift nor bench very much. Bench tends to make my shoulders tighten up a bit too much for the class lifts
Those goal weights would be around 220-225 BW. I'm 170 now and we have the same lifts except squat, idk how you got a 408 when I missed 405 20lbs heavier. Being 6'1 doesn't help me either aha. And to get that deadlift I'd probably have to use if I want to stay around 225 at 10% and I probably will. Another long shot goal is to get a 845 squat and break the 225 weight class record.

Originally Posted by FastFreddy View Post
Killer deadlift I never gone past 365 since I was worried about wrecking my lower back nice lift!! 385 is a sweet squat almost 4 plates!!
Deadlift is my strongest by far. Long arms make it easier to pull. I was so ****ed when I missed that 405 squat, would've been awesome to hit 4 plates. I can do a 4 plate box squat but can't back squat it yet. Hoping to hit that by May.

You're bench is sick for having 4 shoulder surgeries. I've had 2 and I can't imagine going above 225 right now. Got my standing press to 135 and am not going above that any time soon. Did you have any surgeries before 20? I'm 21 in May and had 2 in high school and it's so frustrating having my lifts stalled and regressing a little in my physical prime. Yours were spread out right, not all within 4-5 years?

EDIT: 825 squat at 220 bw 800 dead at 240 875x4 dead at I think 280
couple inspirations to watch before squat and deadlift day
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