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Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly View Post
It's really a Yin-Yang/Zen kind of thing. A balance/blending of relaxation and concentration/intensity is seen in elite athletes in most sports. With black belts in martial arts, we see more efficient/effective movements as a byproduct of intensity and focused relaxation.

Really good post here about seeking that balance between intensity and relaxed execution. What is amazing for high level athletes, is how relaxed the effort can
be, but still get 90-95% of the results. For example as a football player, I could run the sprints at a pace that was leading the pack on each sprint, but at an
effort that seems only about 50% & could be kept up for a long time. On the other end you had the lineman where that pace was burning them down.
I'm sure these pro players hitting a million balls, often master that razor's edge
of relaxed effort and to "be quick without rushing".
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