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Originally Posted by acmorganti View Post
Thanks for all suggestion.

Prokennex is a good choice. I heard a lot of good words about kinect system. I will try ki 5.

Donnay is very difficult to be tried because there is no local distribution in my country. Or import or forget it. I checked the specs and Formula 100 is very close to Pure Drive and by TW review it looks like more confortable.

And Volkls? Any suggestion?

I was checking Yonex also and Vcore 100S or 98D are good choices.

Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post
Me too. I have tried several wider stiffer rackets but always come back to thinner beams with more feel. In 80s, I played many years with Prince Precision Graphite which was a thin beam flexible racket. I currently play with Volkl o10 295 customized to 12.1 oz, 335 SW and 6 HL and like it a lot. The volkl pb10 295 looks like a good choice too with a little customization. The new wilson blades look like they could be good but balance is a bit unusual - less HL - and I have not tried them yet.
Hi TennisCJC,

You customized your o10 295 to 12.1oz and 335 sw. So, why did you prefer to customize the o10 295 stead of to use regular o10?
I am asking this because I saw other colleagues in this forum doing the same, customizing o295 and not using o10 regular.

Thank you
Best regards
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