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Winning is nice, but if all you do is constantly win at 3.5, then you're a 4.0 player. It's as simple as that. Nothing is worse than knowing a player should be in a higher tier than the level that they're at, but for some reason they're ranked lower due to an appeal, loophole, or in this case limited play.

My suggestion, if you were amazing at 3.5 doubles and really good at 3.5 singles and got bumped to 4.0 but are losing your *** at 4.0 singles against the faster/younger guys, then play more 4.0 doubles and win there. If your older, the higher the ranking you go, the better sometimes it is to have a partner if mobility or a slight weakness is in your game. Find a strong 4.0 partner and play some competitive 4.0 tennis instead of wanting to stay at 3.5 just so you can win and make sectionals all the time.
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