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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
You only need to play tennis just a little bit to know 2hbh is much better for half volleys, for shots hit behind you, for big fast serves hit into your backhand, and for returning overhead smashes with some ball speed besides slicing.
You don't have to play a lot to know this.
Yes, you don't have to coil as much for 2 HBH and you can hit ball later in the stroke - that's closer to your body. 1 HBH you must rotate shoulders a wee bit more as you normally use neutral or closed stance, and contact point is a foot or more out front. Getting that extra coil and extra foot of early contact takes a bit more time. You can get away with more such as open stances and later contact and still hit an agressive shot with 2 HBH.

But, a good 1 HBH is prettier.
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