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Default X 10 Mid Review

Here's a review from a friend:

"The X10 Mid plays like a fully loaded PB 10 Mid but with more bite, and allows for far faster racquet head acceleration. The tip of the frame is substantially more firm than a PB 10 Mid with lead weight at 12:00---even when you take into account racquet head acceleration and far less weight. If you hit with spin, the string bed really bites, surprisingly, even above the sweet spot towards 12:00. The string bed in this stick is exceptionally responsive, and it is very stable at stock weight. One very positive aspect is that the stick applies spin like a 16x19, but, the ball does not fly, so you have similar control to an 18x20, so it ends all of the PB 10 Mid's complaints of being too whippy or that the ball flies. Slices are also driven deep and very skiddy off the bounce.

"As with all X frames, the X10 feels soft in your hand, even though it is firm on contact. There is no head wobble, and the dwell time is not long in-comparison, if strung at the same tension as a PB 10 Mid. This frame takes the PB 10 Mid as a "feel frame" to a modern spin frame with feel, so traditional Volkl players should be quite happy. Thus, the X10 Mid is a solid update. Also, if the player is good enough, this frame will help his/her game to evolve more to how the game is being played today, with a need for less modification/less added weight, and with little need for conscious adjustments. Lastly, at a 61 stiffness rating, at stock comparisons, it will feel stiffer than the PB 10 Mid, and much stiffer than even a loaded BB LT.

"The X10 Mid is like the Melbourne, two of the few player's frames over Volkl's past 20 years in the USA, which for most players, plays excellent stock."
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