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There are two issues here:
One is the miserable state of our education system, where assigning massive amounts of homework is done instead of actually teaching the kids. There is actually a negative correlation between high levels of homework in elementary and middle school and student achievement at the end of high school.
The second is the amount of tennis that needs to be played to be a top player at about 18 years old, and the desire to play that much. When I think how much basketball the NBA players played to get to that level, I would say very few tennis players have played that much tennis. I played basketball up to 5 hours every day for much of the year about 4 to 10pm - usually breaking for dinner - with other kids in my neighborhood. Of course, none of us could make even the high-school team because the kids from the other side of town were so much better (#1 ranked high school team in the nation, and the best of the players didn't go to school at all) - a couple of my friends did play in college. No one made us go out and play basketball that much, we did it because we loved playing and also because that was our society - go to the gym - play ball - hang out and relate to each other - even get in trouble together. If you can get a bunch of kids together who love tennis and are good at it, like a poster above is trying to do, it reinforces the love of the game and makes all the work more fun and self-directed (instead of parent-directed).

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