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Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
Hey downs/Topaz, have you determined your schedule this weekend? What matches/days are you playing? Where are you staying?

I've got two on Friday (12:30 & 5), then one on Saturday (5), and then I'm done, barring injury/sickness/hangover to one of the other 4.5s.
I've determined it as much as possible!

I will be arriving Saturday morning, in time to watch our 'brother' team play at 12:30. We play our first match Saturday at 3:30pm. I may or may not be playing. I could tell you but then I'd have to 'take care of things'.

Then I'm there through Monday. Staying at the host hotel.

I probably won't be drinking much this weekend...I'm still recovering from my bday weekend/combo districts.
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