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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
A net rusher makes more UE's if he's following his serve to net rather than following an approach? I doubt it; I'd like to see some stats supporting it.

There's some confusion here. I'm not trying to exclude net points from any total count of the UE's. I'm excluding net points from baseline rallies.

You're argument here is completely unclear.
no ...... its the other way around ... I'm saying there is more chance of UE in the 'whole' point when net rusher is following an approach rather than his serve ...please read what I wrote again ...

yeah, I know you were trying to exclude the net points from baseline rallies .....

But like I said, I was talking about errors in rallies, not just @ the baseline ....

my argument was that there were more returns in play in the finals and most of the net points were NOT SnV in the finals, therefore that leaves ample scope for UEs in all those points ... ( including rallies at the baseline and those points that were constructed from the baseline and ended up in a net approach )

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