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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
I think the plan is for lap surgery. Which I hope they do. At the moment my Lipase levels are too high for them to operate. Waiting the results from some blood work friday to see if they came back down in the normal range.

GI Surgeon said normal Lipase is like 5-50 units per liter and mine peaked at 30,000. Pain was unbearable. I would thank the the guy that invented dilaudid if he were still alive. Mom said she was reading and people saying they were at like 2000 and in pain. Mine was at 2000 when they let me out of the hospital. part of the reason I was on liquid diet for the past 5 days. Finally started eating regular food yesterday.

They have these hospitalits who are just doctors that see admitted paitients. Pretty much all the doc did was walk in ask how I was doing tell me stuff the contradicted the specilists adn billed me 100 bucks for 5 minutes. Insurance rate was like 63 bucks. But still. I should have gotten good at lacrosse and went to johns hopkins on scholarship.
We had a great hospitalist at the last place I did my rotation.

Lap is what I had. You end up with several 'punctures' in your abdomen, I have four...but my have really healed up and there is really only one that you can sort of see anymore.

Be careful taking opiod pain killers...if you can manage the pain with something like aleve instead, go for it. If you take opiods, DRINK LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER. *eyebrow* Because things are going to slooooooowwwww dooowwwwwnnnnnn.
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