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Originally Posted by Borrelli View Post
Heavy on your heels? Will they refund you for that? seems like the shoe is useless if the airmax is deflated/cracked.
Yes it's my wear pattern. I wear out heel and toe area first and rest of soles is good.

some what reason 4.3 wear out heel areas faster than other CB series.
anyway the shoes already exposed mid sole so I am fine with it.
I hoped this problem might be the only case but I have same problem with my other 4.3. it has a small crack the crack was developed about 6 week period (1/3 of rubber is still there). I usually use 4.3 between 8-12 weeks so as soon as I see the form, I will replace the shoes. 4.3 was very nice shoes in terms of comfort but Airmax won't support me T_T
Hopefully New cage will not have cracking issue......
I still have 2.3, 3.3 and barricade 5 and 6 so I can use it until new 5.3.

the cracking issue started to appear when rubber parts worn out about 2/3 and seems like as soon as rubber is gone, airmax is completely useless. I don't think I will claim the shoes as defective items because it happens near the end of life.
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