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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
How much weight do you give to this "effortless" claim? I think effortlessness is just what happens when someone is good at what he does and is enjoying a good spell. It appears effortless to others, but apart from being a nice adjective to which we can all nod our heads in approval, what useful information does it convey?
Consciously focusing on relaxing has allowed me to play better.

I found that I was physically tensing up, literally hunching slightly, in stressful games and points. The talk of "getting tight" is real for many people. So, I interpret the "minimal effort" as a trick to get your to relax the body and focus on hitting the ball.

This relates to a lot of sports. World Class sprinters talk about being "relaxed" which is the opposite of sprinting full speed. What they mean is that they are letting the muscles that need to fire, fire, without hindering the motion by having unnecessary tension or strain in any other part of the body. Not being overly tense can also allow the body to more quickly develop the neural pathways to higher level performance.
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