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Talking failed

Originally Posted by jonnythan View Post
If he admits it, obviously he did it.

My original objection is unchanged though: it's wrong to strip him of his titles without an actual failed drug test or admission as required by the rules. Now that he has admitted it, it makes sense to strip him of the titles.

Not before, though. It was wrong to do so before there was any physical evidence.
He failed 3 differents tests. One was in 1999, he passed at the time since their was no epo test at the time. In 2006 the docs tested 6 samples from 1999 and they flamed for epo big time. Also when he failed one in the tour de swiss they had the doc tell them how the test works so then he never failed another test. One of his team riders would text him and tip him off if he was going to get tested after that stage.

Lance would drop out of the race to avoid the testing. Best one ever was in France a tester showed up at his door without warning. Lance said who is this dude and left the sight of the tester for 30 mins to take a shower. I bet he flooded his system with saline to pass the test. Best part is the show is now going to be a 2-parter Thursday and Friday night. I will get lots of popcorn and enjoy the show. The big O asks him about 110 question, I heard Lance cries after he pulls out a nose hair or was it an onion in his shirt pocket HAHA!!!!
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