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Originally Posted by always_crosscourt View Post
The trouble is these days people are new-age hippies who are scared of being 'insensitive' by classifying people by stats. They're probably scared of themselves being classified as dumb if they do badly on an IQ test.

But really, IQ tests are the definitive way to objectively measure intelligence. You can throw all your achievements/education/career out the window - all you need is that score to know how bright someone is.
Iq tests don't prove how clever someone is because intelligence is too complex to solve with a simple test. Yeah great you might be able to see what pattern is being shown by some shapes but that doesn't mean you are intelligent enough to solve a practical problem in real life, doesn't mean you have common sense. my mother has a great iq and also displays such a lack of common or practical sense sometimes it's astounding. I've known people with high IQs but who were gullible and unable to do practical tasks as well as the next man.

not only that, but tests are devised by human intelligence to measure human intelligence . Do you see the paradox?

But I suspect you are tolling anyway. Either that or you like hard facts so like to think there is a test to prove exactly how smart you are when in reality they just tell you in what areas of intelligence you are good at. Also some people are like computers and good at doing maths etc but can't discuss things with any great level of intelligence. maybe you don't like to get into complex discussion so you just like to think the answer is simple. it isn't though.
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