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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post

Just curious, what are some ppls fav extended frames you've ever played with? Gads' tales of the 'stick of Zeus' (which is fractionally longer than standard size, I believe) has got me recalling how I do seem to get that consistent groundstroke depth I like and better serve leverage with slight addition of length. Reach and 2hbh also is generally easier too. So, am again pondering the eternal qsn of whether I shouldn't be putting some efforts into checking these out properly.

BTW, I really liked the Gonzo stick - the superb PC+ but too damned hefty. Same with the Rad TT XL. Same re the PSTGT+. I've always liked the PD+ but stiff and not great control.

Some Head frames??... I'm not so clued up on their slightly longer than standard size offerings are.

Anyhow, any plus size racs you good 'holics may care to speak highly of?
7G, of course. Man I wish that stick was available to you. Don't have much experience with other extenders, really, aside from Zeus.

But Ross: have you ever tried the Boris Becker Delta Core Pro? Not extended, but it's like an improved APD to me - easy pop and spin, better feel than Babolat, awesome maneuverability, wicked slices. An ultimate tweener, in my book.

Originally Posted by Murray_fan1 View Post

Tfight 315

Have any of you guys seen this. Looks like Tecnifibre is going to release a pro stock type retail stick. Platform seems perfect for someone who wants to customize to their own custom spec.
Sweet looking release. Thin beam, tight (or open) pattern, lower flex than the usual Tecnifibre stiffness? Very, very nice.

Recovering from a very late night watching Monfils-dolgopolov. Shot making quality was absurd. That was about as much fun as one could possibly have watching a tennis match. Glad to have Monfils back, he's a showman in a sport that could use a few more. But he genuinely played very well and served out of his mind - 5 straight aces to open the match! If you missed and can find highlights, highly recommended.
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