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Originally Posted by ChicagoJack View Post
Any guesses on that riddle? The answer puts this whole conversation into perspective right quick. What I'm suggesting is that careful racquet selection has a much smaller effect on outgoing ball velocities than most here would suspect. The fact that nobody even has a guess, demonstrates that there is a whole lot of baseless assumption going on in here. -Jack
You almost sound like LeeD...

Here is the problem - you don't want to accept anecdotal evidence and that's all I have to offer. My post wasn't intended as an assertion that the APDgt results in an increase of 10 mph. on every shot, rather than inquiry as to why a racquet would be so reviled if it has the ability to improve one's game.

I accept the "feel" argument - frankly, that's why I've gone back to the PT280s. But I don't accept your argument of... well it's a small increase in speed/power, so it doesn't matter. If you were a professional, and you could increase velocity by 1/10th of a mph with no adverse effect, you would. Before you claim that no such difference exists, which I don't believe you will, I'll draw your attention to TW's own power level comparison utility...

Now time for my "riddle" - my last time out, I used a PT280 and APDgt spec'd out similarly (in terms of lead placement, balance, etc.) to nearly 13 oz. and both utilizing a full bed of BHB7 in 17. Rather consistently, the APDgt resulted in a faster ball, whereas the PT280 resulted in a heavier ball with greater spin. I use a full, WW stroke and western grip. Love the feel of the PT280, and can tolerate the APDgt - would love to get a ball just as fast with my PT280, but just can't. So explain that... and please understand that any answer other than "it's my imagination" or that "my perception is exaggerated" directly mitigates your point as the result comes from the same player with the same form/stroke.

Presuming that spin generation is "all technique" (a commonly regurgitated group thought on this board) your point regarding power therefore renders the evaluation of a racquet simply to terms of its feel/comfort and aesthetic appeal - frankly, just can't buy into that.
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