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Originally Posted by corners View Post
Toly, take a look at photos of Federer taken the moment before he starts the forward swing on his forehand. Focus on the thumb of his racquet-hand. What does this imply about the biomechanics of the stroke? Make sure you've got a solid grasp on agonist-antagonist muscle relationships, reciprocal inhibition and SSC.
Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
actually fed is the only player without any strain on facial muscle... maybe that is why he is goat.
This is true.

Federer face and left hand muscles very often are relaxed. Every rule has exceptions.

Perhaps this is the reason that he has underdeveloped left arm? It seems that there is something incredibly unique (maybe “wrong”) about Federer.
Anatoly Antipin - one of the most delicate tennis players in the world.

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