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Exclamation Say hey!

Hall of Famer Hal Newhouser vs. non-HOF'er Carl "Duck!" Mays

Wins - Losses / Winning % - ERA - 162 Game Ave.

Newhouser: 207-160 .580% - 3.06 - 16-12
-Carl Mays: 208-126 .623% - 2.92 - 17-11

They can default on Bonds, make Clements do penance, go to hell Bagwell - I don't care.

Newhouser posted his best year in 1944 when our boys were off fighting for 'Parisian Pie' and fighting off The House of the Rising Sun while that shrinking violet slacker was padding his stats against Fenway Park Community College and the like. The stats don't lie~!!!

"The Jelly Beaner" Carl Mays is long overdue in Cooperstown! Writers, right this wrong!

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