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Originally Posted by Federerkblade View Post
does anyone know what a 325mm equates to head light wise also
5,64 HL

Originally Posted by Federerkblade View Post
thank you automatix . how did you know that. ? is there a web page i can see that

I need to know in regard for racquet matching the speed pro
Anton wrote everything but if explanation is needed than:

Length of the racquet / 2 = X

Standard length racquet is 685,8mm.
So X = 342,9mm

X - balance of racquet = Y

Balance of 325mm.
342,9 - 325 = 17,9mm
So Y = 17,9mm

Y / 3,175mm = balance in points

17,9mm/3,175mm = 5,64 Head Light

3,175 - this is from converting 0,125 inch to mm.

Now you shouldn't have any problems.
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