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here is the google xlation of the publisher's blurb:

"There have been many legendary shoe (rackets - google translates as snowshoe) over the years and the evolution of materials. In this book Jean Claude Marty, you will rediscover some of them in the hands of champions. You are going to make a few secrets and relive the era of transition from wood to fiber midplus by John McEnroe. You will find with astonishment the big screen Prince of a small Chinese American Michael Chang, metal and plastic inspired a ski Austria: the Arthur Ashe Competition, the metal became Lacoste T Wilson 2000 in crossing the Atlantic and finally understand how the world's No. 1 Babolat natural rope, is becoming the world's No. 1 racket, thanks to the famous Rafael Nadal!

even if you don't French, this is a nicely presented book that i think racquet freaks around the world will appreciate.
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