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Originally Posted by Federerkblade View Post
thank you. it also seem that generally speaking you if a racquet is x point headlight unstrung you need to minus 4 points roughly to get the strung spec
Note that you are assuming that the balance (both unstrung and strung) are correct.

Now TW strung balance in points is true - measurements.
The balance unstrung in mm is what it should be but we know manufacturer tolerances are what they are.

Example given!

My G Speed MP is 297g unstrung and has a balance of 325mm.
If I were to go by Heads website/catalogue data I'd think it is 300g and 320mm. And because of these differences my calculations would be flawed.

There are also more variables. IIRC it's usually 3 point.
However the balance of my G Speed MP (16x19 string pattern - just a reminder) shifted by 7mm when strung with 1,10mm kevlar-nylon string.

So depending on strings the shift in balance will be different.
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