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I dont think one actually is stiffer. I think it's just QC. But 61 is a wonderful flexpoint. Oh man. 61-65 seems to work best for me, but I do like how soft my Mfil feels at 61 and the blend of soft and firm like the Blade at 65.

The work to get that tfight's SW up to where I can do the loose arm swing on serve and groundies is probably too tough for me to mess with. I like how I can make the Blade heavier just by leading up the throat and handle.

Good point on that leather grip though..that changes it to a 305 if you dropped to something like a Bab skin feel.

I'd do 6 grams at the top with no layer..just go from 10 to 2.

Then another 6 around the handle. That may do it.

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