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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
The 315 sounds sweet if it is flexing at 61. I wonder why it is 315 though? A customizable stick should be less than that. Basically it will take around 4 grams on the head to get the SW somewhat decent, then you will want to rebalance the handle and suddenly it's over 12 ounces.
True. Plus I think it said it comes with a leather grip, so if you don't like leather, there's more adjusting to account for the loss of weight there though that's not the biggest issue as you could just lead up the grip.

I've been liking a touch of lead in the throat of my standard length tgks. Doesn't affect the SW as much, I don't think, but adds some more pop. Perhaps this could be doable on these Tecs.

Man, some interesting new releases. New 18/20 Speed has really nice specs aside from high stiffness rating (and an improved hoop shape to the wide-bodied previous release), the Volkl X10 Mid appears to be a much more user friendly and crisper frame than the PB10, and these Technifibres. If I wasn't so happy with my tgks I'd be a racaholic mess right now.
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