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Another solution . . . ban parents (I'm dead serious). My son is a competitively ranked chess parent. Guess what? Parents aren't allowed. Parents can watch in a room where they have split screens showing matches but you can be there up close.

I just wonder . . . what would happen if parents could only watch on a big screen in a meeting room and no parent was allowed to sit on the fence? Now, it's just kid vs. kid . . . funny thing, kids seems to work things out . . . cheating is taught and generally the kid cheats b/c they want to win so bad but not for themselves but to win to keep their parents happy . . . they connect the win with love from the parents (that's the saddest part).
This is how tennis is played in the "indoor" sections. If you are lucky you can watch through the glass window. Sometimes you watch on TV screen, sometimes you cannot watch at all. Does not decrease cheating much.
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