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Originally Posted by muelld View Post
When the ratings came out last November, I was bumped up from 3.5 to 4.0 for the 3rd time (all within a 7 year period). Both previous times, the computer moved me back to 3.5 (the first time after 3 seasons of limited play at 4.0, the second after just 1 season). I tend to have good success at 3.5 (particularly in seniors, where teams I was on made it to our Section championships twice).

But I have limited success playing against the more skilled and typically younger 4.0s. I guess I need to find a 3.75 league

This time, I collaborated with several other "barely 4.0s" to form our own team. We figure that way we can play as much as we want - unlike my previous experiences joining established 4.0 teams, and only getting limited play (deservedly, because I could not successfully contribute to a solid 4.0 team whose goal was to win the league).

I was wondering how many of you had this experience, and how you have dealt with your experience at the higher level of play.


Not an uncommon situation to be in. You don't mention your age, but it seems to me that you would do better to be better or worse than where you happen to be, convenience-wise.

If you are not elderly and willing/motivated to work on your game, many if not most would find it easy to bump their game smack dab into the heart of the 4.0 ranking.

OTOH if you are unmotivated and elderly, you will likely solve your own problem by doing nothing in particular as your game sinks into the 3.5 realm.
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