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Originally Posted by Kevin T View Post
By the way, I think we all know Dedan's day job now...professional bookie.
Tell ya what amigo, I'll lay 8-to-5 odds that I'll be presiding over the wedding of volleygirl and r2473 ..... courtesy of the powers invested in me by the great state of intoxication

Notre Dame: after you're done picking up your jocks, please report back to South Bend to pick up your consolation prizes:

in ND's defense:
Big Server .... it looks and sounds like you could use an out-of-the-freezer Bailey's Irish Cream (topped with a Jamison 'floater'). Great cure for football angst

Seriously, seeth all you want but you have to admit that...well, there it was: staring the Ducks right in the face: Ducks vs. Bama for all the marbles. I recall USC laying 50+ points on them?....hmmm, wonder what the 'Bama Big Boy Co. of Warmack, Jones et al upfront might've done? .... remember: ND wasn't even ranked in September and they did win a lot of 'big games' to get to where they ended up--it's not their fault they didn't lose prior to January. Just sayin' - regards.
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