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Originally Posted by tennismonkey View Post
lololol. that's actually a pretty good humblebrag AQ. i know that wasn't your intention but pretty funny.
The numbers are rather ridiculous but I'm very sensitive to that whole gaining weight in the middle thing (ya know, apple vs. pear shapes). My mom, who passed away at age 61, had way too much tummy and all too quickly slipped over into Type II diabetes.

5 pounds = about 17,500 calories. so you somehow have to take in 17,500 less calories than your daily allowance and you're good to go. you could also just chase your kids around the park for an hour and i think they are equal. my math is fuzzy.
Hmmmm. I chase my kids already, almost all day long. Not sure how to add to that particular suggested exercise.

Have been tacking on a 10-15 walk/run before tennis. Although I consider myself fairly quick out of the gate, warming up those muscles beforehand definitely gets me going, gets those feet moving.

I'd love to add a fitness class but the times don't fit real well with the pre-school schedule. Don't mind lifting weights but I've struggled with the motivation for that for the past few years. Wish our club had a rowing machine. That's been one of my all-time fav "workouts."
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