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Default Getting rid of or cutting back cable.

I've hit the wall. Comcast raised my bill $10.00, and I just can't be paying $164.00 per month for cable and internet (especially after the payroll tax holiday was not extended and my paychecks have been reduced). If I'm going to keep it at all, I need to be around $100 or less per month.

Any advice for cutting back? Has anyone done this? I've read it's better to negotiate a new deal via online chat rather than calling them.

I can give up the package that gets me Tennis Channel (I know, that's nearly sacreligious on TT). I certainly don't need "power boost" for my internet connection. I've been charged an "HD Connectivity fee" when I don't have an HD TV, so that can go. All I really need is reasonably fast internet and that first level of cable (ESPN, AMC, TBS, FX, etc.).

But, they bundle everything. I have a friend who got completely rid of cable, but ended up paying only $15 less per month because just getting internet cost him a lot.

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