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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
By the way, anyone have or had both a boy and girl who went through juniors? Are the boys and/or their parents as petty, passive aggressive, and jealous as the girls and/or their parents are? Even playing practice matches with other girls is a scene with them and the parents.
I think it gets better as you get into 16s and 18s and the parents don't control everything anymore. (the players are texting and facebooking etc dispite the parents pettiness...) But I think girls are worse than boys. ATP vs WTA is same story.

Just keep doing what you are doing TCF... Play a few tourneys to make friends and find hitting partners and stay out of the cattiness. Encourage your girl to hit anytime anywhere with anyone.

Another tip is that when she is having a hit with another girl, try to watch as little as possible. Run errands or go have a hit yourself. Point is, let them enjoy each other and develop a friendship...rather than know they are under the microscope (your eye) and will have to answer for the tennis result. It is almost unbelievable how differently the kids interact if you stay and watch vs leave.

They might goof around a little more than you want, but the enjoyment and friendship forged is more than worth a little wasted time and goofing around.

One oasis for the kids is Intersectionals (16s). Only the top 3 or 4 from each section can go so it's pretty high level...BUT...ZERO parents for 5 days...just the kids hanging and playing all day. Several times when my daughter returned I've heard: "_____ is actually really nice!" (And I'm thrilled that the new USTA plan has 14s Inters...I hope it's same parents and billeting together)
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