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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
I have an older Aiptek. Aiptek ActionHD(2008 ), 5 Megapixel. It does 1080 30 fps & 720 at 60fps progressive. I especially like it because in bright sunlight I believe its AUTO control chooses a faster shutter speed so that motion blur is small. I did a Jello Effect test and posted it on Vimeo. It shows the sharpness and Jello Effect of the camera. The rotating tube simulates the arm rotation seen in the serve - axial arm rotation produced by internal shoulder rotation.

I just saw this model on sale on Amazon for about $60. I guess that there are a few new AIPTEK ActionHD cameras still around. ?

There is another Aiptek Action GVS .... - not that one!

The one I have does a good job showing strokes - only not the highest speed stuff. The stop-action single frame on the camera is not good so you should plan to view on a computer for stop action. My camera came with a remote which is a very good thing to have. But the remote is not mentioned on the box or in the user's manual so maybe not all the cameras came with a remote.

The Aiptek ActionHD is a useful camera but the Casio FH100 has everything needed for tennis stroke analysis.
The old Aiptek ActionHD camera has some nice feature for tennis - 60 fps and a fast AUTO shutter in direct sunlight. Only the specific model mentioned.
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