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Originally Posted by bradsm01 View Post
Ash, what do you mean "elbow internally rotated for stability" in your second picture? I have been video taping my forehand, and my elbow is what I bring back first and is up higher than DP, Fed, Joker, etc... I also think I take it back further than the plane of my body. Do you think that a high elbow which is pulled back further than the plane of the body adds to instability and inconsistency? All comments appreciated. Thanks
Externally* rotated refers to the elbow having rotated down and in towards the hip on the transition into the drive position. If you have an elbow led takeback this is a vital move for stability and consistency, it must also move in front of the plane of the body on route to contact. It can be taken back behind the plane, but should be in front for contact. Many recreational players have a "flying elbow", in other words the elbow doesn't contract into impact and they lose stability.

Hope that makes sense.
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