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Originally Posted by ruerooo View Post
It's killing, LG, isn't it? I've tried to tell my GFs who have other tenistas as their Main Men that I will try my best not to mope and whine. I'm doing okay as long as Ferru is in the tournament, and I'm hoping Nico goes far (first time ever for that, LOL -- still blaming him for what happened in the last rubber of last year's DC final) so I can catch a glimpse or two of JCF but

it is not the same !!!

Ferru is in good position, but will have to get past Novak in his semi. I'm praying for a windy day, the same as we had here when he was ahead in the USO semi before they sent us all home (unfair, unfair).
But what about your 2nd favourite Fed? Sure, we won't get another utterly unpredictable and exciting Fedal classic at AO this year but still wouldn't you want to see Fed do well regardless? Doesn't he atleast partially fill the void caused by the absence of Nadal?
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