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Originally Posted by TMF View Post
Until Fed play exactly like Nadal who's killing his body, and be out for 8+ months, not to mention many people have suspected Nadal, wake me up.
LOL. 'Many people' suspected Nadal for the same naive reasons as you and your ilk, namely that he doesn't tire (true of Roger as well) despite his gamestyle and has big muscles (which are puny compared to many athletes, must be said).

I guess Rochus deserves the benefit of doubt for his generally irresponsible speculations about Nadal and Soderling because he outed the Argentinians in the past (any proof of that anyway?). At least it gets people talking. But people will be biased and ignore facts i.e. that performance enhancers are very different from steroids, that these athletes can be years ahead of the 'testing regime' (which is a joke), that no one could conceivably compete with these juiced-up specimens by staying clean.

I don't wish to see everyone dope just so they perform superhuman feats. For one, it is certain to destroy their bodies. Secondly, I think their training already makes them superhumans compared to 99% of us, and the way they play the game itself is of sufficient intrigue without having see them perform acts we never would (by risking health). There can be a different tour for chemically enhanced athletics and sport.
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