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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
Does he have the fastest Fh? I don't think so, but there seem to be various
claims of records.
Imo it's not ridiculous at all to think that Del Po could improve his Fh and clearly,
hitting the fastest Fh (if he has) is not anything like having the best overall
His Fh does meet the modern standards, but imo his style is not optimal, even
for a big guy and could possibly bigger with better margin as well.
just one persons thoughts...
Fastest not sure (who cares) but when we talk fastest average velocity DP is certainly up there. a lot of guys can once in a while hit that 100+ FH but DP can consistently spank that ball hard without a lot of errors. that is a big strength.

It looks like he is arming the ball a little (as I said before mats was certainly talking about this and not the micro moves of the forearm and wrist that are the only thing discussed here) but this impression is likely caused by his height and long swing radius.

to hit a 100 mph FH you need to swing the racket close to 80 mph. you cannot do that just with the arm even if you are 6"6. DP is using some legs and hip/spine rotation or he would not swing as fast.

however at his long swing arc it just doesn't look very fast. berdych is similar. they both have very quiet swings (also because they hit quite flat and thus don't need so much extra RHS like nadal for example) but the ball really jumps off their rackets.
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