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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
I guess the usefulness of high speed video depends on the individual. He did say it was for coaching.

There is no 30 second limitation with the Casio cameras, so High speed video length is determined by the size of the memory card. Chas Tennis will be along promptly, but I can give my 2 cents. The ZR1000 will probably serve you well, provided you take the video outdoors. The thing about the newer Casio models is that they removed the option for manual exposure control, so the camera will choose the shutter speed for you. If you take video indoors for example, it may choose a slower shutter speed and thus have more blurring of the ball and racquet head. So far the only models confirmed to have manual exposure control for HS video are the ex-f1, fh100, fh20, fh25.
I did not understand that apparently the Casio FC150 also has manual shutter speed control. The shutter speed is limited to about 1/1,000 sec as you described in the recent Go Pro thread.

There is also a Casio FC200 - also with manual shutter speed control ?- that might currently be available new. I don't know its shutter speed and will not attempt to interpret the user's manual specs as presented. Anyone interested could download the full FC200 user's manual from Casio support, 200 pg, and let us know. Manual shutter? Fastest shutter speed? 1/1,000sec? See Greg B's serve video which shows very good videos with 1/1000 sec shutter speeds.

The manual for the Casio ZR1000 I believe is now available from Casio support. Golfers and other users of high speed video were very disappointed with the Casio ZR100, ZR200, and ZR300 when these models did not have manual shutter speed control in high speed video mode.

The FH100 and I believe several other Casio camera models have a limit to their video file size of 4GB no matter how large the SD card is. This limits high speed video recording time for 120, 240 & 480 fps to about 11 minutes. Details in the user's manuals for each model.

Last I saw the Casio FH100 was selling for $739, left over new stock.

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