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Originally Posted by v-verb View Post
5'7" and 160 lbs. I can do 235 lbs for reps. Not a lot but enough for me
That's pretty impressive I'd say. ~1.5xBW for reps?

Originally Posted by maggmaster View Post
10% 225 is 55 lbs of lean muscle gain? That would be tough as a natural.
If we accept something like the FFMI (which is certainly not perfect but a good starting point) you're right.

I was thinking of Donny Shankle when I made that statement, he's about 6'0 and competes as a 105kg/231lbs. He's certainly not fat, but he's clearly not 10%. I was estimating him around 15% visually, but it could certainly be off. I firmly believe he is steroid free due to the amount of testing weightlifters get in the USA. However the FFMI would say he's on steroids if he's anything under 21% bf so I don't quite believe it's always applicable.

Another example would be Jon North who's around 5'9-10 and competes as a 94kg/206lb lifter, FFMI would also suggest he's on something. So I believe it's possible, but certainly not easy.

Also some motivation for T1000

Drug tested meet? Check
2-hour Weigh in? Check
WR total in all tested or untested meets at that class? Check

In fact in all drug tested meets, his total exceeds that of the two weight classes above him (no wraps, exceeds the weight class above with wraps even)

Just an idea of what can be achieved naturally (or by beating the tests if your pessimistic)
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