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Originally Posted by TennisPassion5 View Post
Whats up guys. Havent been posting here since 2 1/2 years ago so it feels good to be back. Anway on to my question--idk if anyone experiences this, but sometimes I'll walk on court and be crushing balls; precise and powerful rips. Other times, I'll be hitting and it'll feel like I'm using a block of wood and it makes it hard to generate pace and build up consistency. Assuming the strings aren't dead, what can attribute to the differences in response from the stringbed. Sometimes I'll feel like I'm playing at a 6.0 level and flash forward a few more days and it'll be very low quality tennis, because of the response of my racket.
A couple of things:

First, the reason for a lack of quality of play, is not because of equipment.

Second, what is difficult to understand about the statistical reality that if you play above average one time, that you are going to play below average another time? What other experience in anyone's life does anyone perform identically all of the time?
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