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Originally Posted by zagor View Post
But what about your 2nd favourite Fed? Sure, we won't get another utterly unpredictable and exciting Fedal classic at AO this year but still wouldn't you want to see Fed do well regardless? Doesn't he atleast partially fill the void caused by the absence of Nadal?
Of course I do want to see Roger do well. I'm rooting for him more than ever because people are all "Roger's old, he'll never win another Slam" and I'd be thrilled if he proves them wrong. He played a lovely match last night (this morning?).

The best tennis for me is when they play each other (which I've said here before) because each raises the level of the other one.

I didn't watch the AO final last year because I didn't want to watch Novak play Rafa (and I especially didn't want to see him win). But I remember how magnificent Roger and Rafa's 2011 RG final was.
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