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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
With the plea bargaining system, how do we know that someone hasn't said to Armstrong "admit to doping, or you'll be in jail and bankrupt etc."? The fact is, we don't know, as plea bargaining corrupts the whole process. It is blackmail, where the blackmailers have all the power.

If you don't even fail a drugs test according to the laws of cycling, why are you even treated as guilty in the first place?
He's admitted to doping and STILL will have to pay back millions of dollars and has had his legacy tarnished forever. The guy fought for so many years all of the allegations, why would he give up now if he was truly innocent? I was looking, and finally found, the one person that still believes Lance to be innocent, even after he says he's guilty.

As for tennis, I wouldn't be surprised if anyone not named Fed, hell even Fed, were found to be a doper. Djok goes from barely being able to finish matches in the heat at AO to being able to take down Nadal in 5-6 hour marathons at the same event a few years later? Sod goes from being a journeyman player to beating Nadal at RG and being a top 5 player? I have suspicions of everyone now.
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