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Originally Posted by goober View Post
This should be interesting. According to the race results from last week if you broke 20 minutes you would have placed 27th out of 959 runners. Only 4 guys broke 18 minutes and I am sure all 4 probably are serious amateur runners that train all the time.

I don't know what kind of shape you are in and I have never seen you run, so I wouldn't take that bet. All I am going to say if you can finish in the top 3% of 5k race with no training you are a naturally gifted runner.
I am NOT naturally gifted, I am above average for a weekend warrior or couch potato, and below average for any sort of competitive athlete.

In August I signed up for a 5k because I was going to be rained out of tennis that Saturday, and I figured I should do some running in prep for the Tough Mudder in October.

I had not run outside of a tennis court in over a year, and ran the race in the pouring rain, with half a bottle of 1792 trying to fight it's way out of me. Didn't push it because I had a full day of tennis the next day and didn't want my legs to be shot. I finished 2nd in my age group and 9th overall.

This was the captain of my HS cross country team.

He was a gifted natural runner.

I was the guy who came along for the bus rides, that everybody had to wait for at the end of practice.

We stopped checking for monsters under our beds when we realized they were inside us.
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