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we need a more open and active moderation at this site.

I know a forum is not a democracy. it has house rules and if you don't like them go somewhere else. not every mod discussion must be explained publically but we at least we need to know what the mods ask for. If I was a mod here I would write open comments and warnings into the threads so that people know what to expect.

we have a problem with different standards here. some sub forums tolerate a total lack of content, name calling, multi accounting and basically every internet sin while at other forums threads seem to be closed for no reason.
I know moderating such a huge forum is a tough job but I do think that the niveau has to be raised.

a lot of idiots here so we really cannot afford to turn off good posters with great content by deleting their sometimes pages long works, picture sequences and sometimes videos without a comment.
if that continues only the "nadal fakes another injury" crowd will stay.
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