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Originally Posted by Speranza View Post
I'm a Federer fan, but I agree entirely with this point. Ralph is suspected due to his physique but mostly due to his playing style. It's unlikely he would want to bulk up, for that won't help him. However, endurance is the matter concerned. At this stage, everyone comes into the discussion.

I'm not trying to say Federer is guilty, but that the endurance aspect of his game works against him in such discussions.

Who would stand to lose more if they were caught? And by caught I'm *implying that the facts were made public for the sake of this conversation. Who? Federer. Now, with all those sponsoring him, and the millions he's worth, do you not think research was done by those companies involved? How much damage could be done to them if Federer was found to be guilty?

BUT, *, I don't believe that if some of the bigger names were caught that the findings would be made public.
Federer wouldnt do anything that could be made to stick. If you take hgh or a boost of something your body produces naturally and a masking agent just before a match the odds of getting caught are not high and like you said it would be in the atps interest to make it internal. Also it would have to be proven beyond doubt using more then one sample and if he plays along match, drinks alot of water ect the level will drop in his blood.
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