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Default DRII's hypocrisy

Here is DRII poo-poohing a pro player's comments on doping by questioning his motives...

Originally Posted by DRII View Post

Rochus basically includes every player taller than he and his brother in his conspiracies (which is nearly everyone including WTA players).

He also heavily insinuates Nole, but I see you ignored that...
And here is DRII in the Marion Bartoli thread, lecturing me how the fit WTA players aren't simply using protein shakes, when I said " (Fit) Athletes do supplement. It's called a protein shake..." (speaking about Bartoli's seemingly bad nutrition)

Originally Posted by DRII View Post
Could be...

but most women cannot gain muscle like Serena, perhaps Stosur, without supplementation. That is a genetic anomaly much more so than women having more body fat in general.
Originally Posted by DRII View Post
Your naiveté is staggering. You should know the supplementation I'm talking about is not a protein shake!


The hypocrisy of Nadal fans is staggering

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