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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Both, but for most players, neither is nearly as effective as running 4 yard sprints, recover back to position, then 4 yards the opposite direction, always arriving in hitting position WITH a racket in hand.
I do something similar to this w/ my high school girls team (minus the racquets). On the football bleachers, I break them up into groups of 3. I have the first player line up w/ the stairs, sprint/shuffle to the left ~ 5 yards, then sprint/shuffle to the right 10 yards, then sprint/shuffle back to center, then sprint up the bleachers.

As the first person starts sprinting up the bleachers, the second player starts the sprint/shuffle, then the third.

I have them go through it 3 times, get a rest, then do it again.

This is preceded by a 1/2 mile jog/sprint to the bleachers, and finished with a 1/2 mile jog back.
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